South Beach Smoke Review, Coupon Codes, Discount Prices and more

Are you ready to take the high tech leap into the cool way of smoking?  Well, I did and I love it.  I’ve tried a ton of electronic cigarettes and South Beach Smoke is a great one to say the least.   It is non-flammable, safe for both the environment and your surroundings as well as your own health since it delivers nicotine without the nasty tar that is inside real cigarettes.




There’s no combustion, no smoke output and no carbon dioxide produced.   The magic lies in its core, believe it or not the main ‘engine’ so to say in an electronic cigarette is the battery.  Yup, the little round lithium ion battery that you can recharge over and over again produces the magic that happens and delivers one smooth and tasteful experience.

The battery works with the atomizer which transforms little particles into magical dust that flows from the cigarette to your mouth to produce a great taste.  As you smoke the tip of the South Beach Smoke lights up bright.  The greatest thing about South Beach Smoke is that you can smoke wherever you want when you want and enjoy a great variety of flavors as well as nicotine dosages/strengths.




South Beach Smoke, just like the competing e-cigarette brands also has various starter kits.  They include a stylish carrying case in some of them, and extra capacity batteries too.   In all there are 5 kits, with the cheapest starting at just $29.99 all the way to $159.99.   I have to note, based on my experience with electronic cigarettes the South Beach Smoke has the lowest priced starter kit on the market at only $29.99.

Their patented atomizer technology is second to none and has been noted to delivery more of a punch than other e-cigs on the market today.  How it works is the nicotine parts are dilluted in a glicerin base inside the tip, which also contains the flavoring and when you take a puff from your electronic cigarette the battery’s smart chip signals the atomizer to deliver the dosage.  The stronger you inhale the more dosage you get, the lighter then less gets sent to your mouth.




They offer premium and deluxe cartridges,  the difference between the two is that premium is a 2 part cartridge system made up of the tip and the atomizer whereas the deluxe has a 3 part system made up of a inhaler liquid container, atomizer that is reusable and the tip which contains the battery, light indicator and the smart chip.  In simple terms,  with the deluxe you don’t throw away the atomization device when its out, you simply replace the filter.  With the premium you replace the full atomizer which is also the filter in one.

When it comes to flavor they have menthol, cherry, tobacco, chocolate,  vanilla you can choose from.  They offer regular packages and also bulk deals where you can save money.  If you want a little bit of each, they have a variety package which I didn’t see offered by any other competing electronic cigarette brand.




All in all, South Beach Smoke is an interesting option especially if you like to try many different tastes of a cigarette and don’t want to spend a lot of money. They do have the cheapest starter kit on the market starting at 29.99!  Great first electronic cigarette choice for someone who never tried one before!

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